Welcome to İzmir

Welcome to İzmir! 
İzmir is a city that witnessed 8500 years of human history. It is located on the gulf coast and is the third place of 81 cities in Turkey in terms of population and socio-economic development. İzmir shines out as a region with multi-dimensional production possibilities, with its rich natural resources and its ability to present opportunities for high living standards.

The city provides significant potential in all of the main sectors such as agriculture, industry and services and accounts with its population of 4,277,677. The city is located on the west of the Anatolian Peninsula, on the Aegean Sea coast with a surface of 12.012 km².

During the year, İzmir has an average 300 sunny days, it has a length of shoreline of 629  kilometres, therefore is naturally a touristic city.

In addition to local tourists, it also attracts many visitors from all around the world.  Along the shore, there are 35 beaches and marinas with international environmental award “Blue Flag”. İzmir, which was referred as “princess” by Victor Hugo; is an old and deep-rooted city that was engraved on antique coins in the past, as well as a dynamic metropole that keeps on developing. 

The best preserved Eastern Mediterranean city Ephesus is located in Selçuk district. Selçuk, hosts many ruins from early period of Christianity such as Ayasuluk Hill, believed to have been visited by the Virgin Mary.

Bergama, which is in UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of the oldest accommodation units of the country, dating back to Ionians, Romans and Byzantines. 

Along with its numerous museums, the city also presents lots of cultural activities such as concerts, movie displays and exhibitions 365 days a year.

Carrying the values with its rich cultural history, İzmir maintains offering these values to anyone interested, towards the three thousandth year of humanity.