As the hosts of World Robot Olympiad International Final 2024 Türkiye, we are honored to welcome the entire WRO community in Izmir, Türkiye.

About World Robot Olympiad Association
World Robot Olympiad™ Association is an independent non-profit organization. The mission of WRO® is to help young people develop their creativity and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way. For that, WRO organizes robotics competitions in four different categories for students aged 8-19 years. Together with partners worldwide, WRO reaches over 100 countries worldwide. Each WRO season culminates in the International Final, hosted in a different country every year.
Learn more about WRO at: www.wro-association.org

About Science Heroes Association

Science Heroes is a non-profit organisation founded in 2011. Science Heroes strives to spread the science to all segments of society, as well as to enable children and teens to meet with science in the early stages of their lives. Organization’s missions can be explained as follows: to work for spreading and promoting the science, scientific thinking and scientific awareness in every segment of the society.  
Learn more about Science Heroes at: www.bilimkahramanlari.org/en

About Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
An innovative municipality that draws its strength from the harmonious coexistence of differences, learns from the world and inspires the world, has a vision of being a city where prosperity, justice and harmony with nature are integrated with every moment of life, and uses the power it receives from the public to protect the common interests and sustainable development of the city. Continuing its activities with the mission of providing service, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide services in line with the strategic plans prepared on many issues.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality; Creating environmental plans and regional development plans, urban transformation, development and renewal projects, coastline renewal, city squares, urban information systems, bay rehabilitation project, treatment facilities, modernization of slaughterhouses, opening of bicycle paths, renewal of ferries, development of the metro and suburban system. It continues to work to make Izmir a socially qualified and livable city by carrying out activities such as construction of district and district terminals.

About İZFAŞ 2024
As a result of the success of the Izmir International Fair, held in Kültürpark as Türkiye’s first international fair, over the years and the developments in the Turkish economy, under the leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality; İzmir Fuarcılık Hizmetleri Kültür ve Sanat İşleri Tic. A.Ş. was established on February 7, 1990, in partnership with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, the Aegean Exporters' Association, the Izmir Chamber of Commerce and the Izmir Commodity Exchange. Inc. (İZFAŞ) continues to revitalize the country's trade and increase international interaction with the fairs it organizes every year. İZFAŞ, which started its activities in order to carry the developments in world fairs within the borders of the country; As a public company that has adopted success as a principle with its leading role in the sector, it contributes to the development of fair organization. İZFAŞ offers valuable specialized fairs in different sectors, such as "Marble İzmir" and "IF Wedding Fashion İzmir", which are at the top in world and European fair trade, to the participation and visits of industry professionals in Turkey's largest fairground "Fuarizmir".
In addition, İZFAŞ demonstrates that it has a say in world fairs with its membership in UFI (International Fair Industry Association); It continues to increase its brand value internationally by hosting new fairs and world-famous organizations such as UCLG Culture Summit, Terra Madre and WRO every day.